The hills the greenest green in Seattle.

Full of hopes and full of fears, full of laughter full of tears, full of dreams to last the years, in Seattle.

While visiting my Grandfather, he had on a radio station, playing old 60’s crooner music. I happened to overhear, yes, I think it is, they just mentioned Seattle! After writing down a lyric, I was able to find it.
I give you Perry Como’s Seattle.
What? Seattle as a cultural phenomena before the 90s? How is that possible? Actually, it was the theme song for the last 60’s television show Here Come the Brides. It’s a pretty decent song, along the lines of Tony Chirstie’s Amarillo. No mention of rain in the song either. I don’t know how many times I heard, “So, I hear it rains a lot there.” during my visit home. I’m beginning to think the rain myth was devised during the downer grunge years, but perhaps it preceeded it. (Ok, ok, so it’s raining NOW, but it wasn’t for like, the last 9 MONTHS.)

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  1. alexs says:

    Steve Miller toured the US in the 70s, visiting Phoenix, Philly, Atlanta and LA. But when he came up to Washington state, Tacoma was what he remembered.

  2. Mom says:

    At least you have rain instead of snow! We just had 4 inches last night which stopped my plans to go into Hartford for First Night Activities for New Years! Oh, well! There’s always next year. Happy New Years! love you, Mom

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