Draw Supergirl!

Dean Trippe has started another one of the “redesign a superhero” memes (he’s keeping a running list of all of them), and I decided to finally do one of my own:
Original Sketch:


Final Colored:

Supergirl if she was from Seattle (with obligatory hoodie). I debated going with the more striking red hoodie (which would match the usual red cape), and blue shirt, but I liked the idea that with the glasses on, and hoodie closed, she’d look like anyone else on Capitol Hill.
I was going to ink it, but then realized I’m quite rusty at digital inking, and I don’t have a good light table set up to ink it by hand easily. Maybe the next one.

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  1. Mom says:

    Do they actually wear leg warmers in Seattle??
    Love the drawing!! Hmm, looks a bit like someone I know.

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