I got around to changing the oil in my motorcycle this weekend. I’ve changed the oil in cars a number of times, so I didn’t think it’d be too problematic. Gathered up my oil, papertowels, a couple adjustable wrenches, a funnel, and a disposable aluminum turkey baster pan. After trying for 15 minutes trying to get the nut off with my adjustable wrenches I had to give up, and drove myself down to Home Depot looking for a good socket set.
Being a Honda, and Japanese, I was looking for MM sets that had a 17mm socket, but they didn’t have any. Finally I found a dual SAE, MM set that actually had the sockets I needed. Then I walked over to Sears and, palm to head, realized that Sears carries every Craftsman tool under the sun, and I probably could have picked up just the sizes I needed.
Getting back home, it still took another 15 minutes or so, pulling and banging on the oil pan drain nut before I finally broke it’s hold and got it out. I had the turkey baster pan under it, but of course, the oil shot out, hit the exhaust pipes, slid along and poured out 2″ past the pan. I’m glad I was on the street, in an area that was already oil stained, instead of pulling into the apartments garage to do this. The oil filter nut was equally tough to get out, but a little WD-40 did the trick finally.
The turkey baster pan worked great. Looking under the motorcycle, you can definitely tell where the pan was, as everywhere but that spot is sprayed with oil. I was able to bend it up to form a little spout to pour the blackened, used oil back into the oil jug which is now sitting in my sink, waiting for me to find a place that’ll take it.
Now I just need to figure out how to get my seat to lock down, and get some saddle bags that’ll work with the bike.

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