So I finally buy Guitar Hero II, and it was a total blast. That is, up until the point where my Xbox couldn’t handle how hard I rocked and gave up the ghost. It froze, and when I restarted my xbox, it gave me the horrible red ring of death.

What makes this turn of events sting even more is that the Gamestop I was picking it up at HAD Wiis IN STOCK! As I was buying GHII I told the clerk, “It’s reeeeeaaaaally tempting, but I think I’m going to pass on the Wii.”


Maybe there will be extra retail boxes at Bungie I can borrow for the 4 WEEKS it is said to take to get my 360 “repaired”.

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  1. jlg says:

    The Wii is awesome in every way. I believe my copy of Super Mario Galaxy arrives in the mail today. I’d by an Xbox, but I already have a doorstop/paperweight/ballast, box of kitty litter at home.

  2. jlg says:

    Still, I saw Halo 3 in action yesterday and have to say, it was a pretty impressive sight. Too bad the only first person shooter I was ever any good at was Goldeneye.

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