“Was that scarier than 9/11?”

After sitting through Cloverfield, an 11 year old boy in front of me asked his parents, “Was that scarier than 9/11?”
Unfortunately, no. But I’m glad the kid didn’t know.
I also keep seeing people comment that it’s “too soon”. It’s been over 7 years since 9/11. When can we start play-acting it out through entertainment? Kids do this all the time. They see a scary movie, or have some trauma happen, then they act it out over and over until they’re not scared of it anymore. Can we please start getting through this now? It took Japan 9 years to create Godzilla to help them deal with their national trauma, surely it’s OK that we’ve been faster than that.
This is a first step. If we stop being scared of 9/11, stop cowering in fear over the prospect of it happening again, we can take a step back and be a little rational about it.
Anyway, it was a great movie. Who cares if the characters were ripped from One Tree Hill or the OC, the movie wasn’t about them anyway. It was about their experience. I’m surprised it’s taken this long since the Blair Witch Project for the technique to make it to a big monster/disaster movie like this. It’s pretty much just how I wanted it to be. Maybe even less monster though.

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