Our Next President

On the bus ride home today I saw a Bald Eagle perched out in a marsh area off of Lake Washington, near UW. It got me thinking about our nation and the coming elections, and I decided to let everyone know that I’m planning on voting for Hillary Clinton.
We need someone in the White House that can stand up to everything from sniper fire to cheating husbands. Someone who will be sure that 100 adults will lose the choice to play mature video games before even a single child is exposed to such depravity.
We need someone like Hillary who will learn from their opponents on the Republican of the aisle, picking up such tactics as voter suppression, spreading dirty rumors through third party supporters, spurning party rules, astro-turfing and any other dirty tricks that it takes to get them elected.
A president should obviously be someone who will carry on with their present course, regardless of the hard facts in front of them. Hillary has this down pat with her campaign. We need someone who will play to win, even when it’s impossible for them to do so without dirty tricks.
Bring on the dirty tricks! Bring on the divisive politics! Bring on business as usual!

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  1. You have made a sound choice. Let’s not forget that a truly powerful nation needs a leader who can whine his or her way to a satisfactory outcome.

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