I’m Too Excited to Tweet!

Various tweets from the last few weeks month:

  • Hmm, the “Straighten” tool in iPhoto isn’t working on on the photos I took at the Seattle Pride Parade (Ba-dum-dum-chhh!)
  • Some people can’t count. 1.1-Carradine 1.2-McMahon 1.3-Fawcett 2.1-Jackson 2.2-Mays 2.3-?
  • At least now the angel’s whites will be whiter. RIP Billy Mays.
  • Do I turn my
    Twitter icon black to show solidarity with Michael Jackson? Or white?
    What color represents NOT siding with child molester?
  • Wolverine Origins game ending is LE-GEN-DAAARRYYY!!! I sure hope there’s a sequel.
  • Peter Moore challenges Obama http://is.gd/18w06 Get off the videogame demonization kick, eh? It’s about moderation and parents parenting.
  • Iran 2009 = USA 2004. Relected conservative, patriarical, fundamentalist, homophobic, warmonger.
  • I guess I accidentally a whole meme.
  • Remember the DHS warning about right-wing extremists that the right-wing went bonkers over? Shockingly, its coming true. http://is.gd/YtH0
  • I’m a Photoshop Pirate, treasure troves of bountiful booty are stored deep in my hidden folders! CTRL-AARRRRR!
  • Kids these days throw the word “confirmed” like it’s the new “unsubstantiated rumor”.
  • I can’t wait for our otherwise awesome fans to stop using the word “gay” in place of “bad”.

One Response to “I’m Too Excited to Tweet!”

  1. SickNdehed says:

    I can only speak for myself… but as someone who uses the word “gay” as a substitute for lame, an analyzation of why I use the word “gay” brings me closer to its “Happy” definition than to it’s “homosexual” one. I’m not sure why I think happy=lame. Maybe it’s just cause I envy the extremely happy. Or perhaps it’s cause I don’t understand constant happiness, and sadly, like most humans I make fun of the things I don’t understand.
    People often say something is “the shit” or “bad ass” when it’s pretty awesome – I’m not sure when it was exactly that our culture started speaking in opposites, but it’s almost impossible not to use a phrase once you’ve heard a million times. Especially if said phrase is really weird or makes no sense.
    I think the word “gay” now has an entirely new meaning unrelated to it’s previous meanings. I must admit however, I never stopped to consider that my use of it might be offending someone somewhere.

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