Twitted Too Hard

Various tweets from the last few weeks months past summer:

  • Seattle Motorcyclists, circa 1914:…
  • I love how every time I want to play a PS3 game, I have to wait 15+ minutes for everything to update.
  • Street Scramble = GTA Pigeon Shooting IRL. Also, Crusade Flags, Crackdown Orbs, etc.
  • 520 points for 3rd place. Not bad. 1st place had 800+ points. Crazy! Map/route/etc to be posted LAterZ!
  • Wow, 10 miles in 3 hours. Stopped for water 3-4 times, ran maybe 1/4 of the total.
  • Route
  • I think I can safely say that this is the only time I’ll be watching the Versus channel. #letour
  • Owww, #LeTour crashes make me cringe.
  • I was happy to hear at least 5 different languages being spoken on my way back from fireworks. THAT is America.
  • MJ to be buried w/o brain: The real reason? LOOK OUT BUBBLES!
  • Holy CRAP that was a nasty dump in #LeTour. He’s going to have massive roadburn all up his right side. I hope he kept his face off the road.
  • Following @warrenellis got me reading Transmetropolitan. I’ve realized it’s just his autobiography from the future. And that I like Ellis.
  • Animatrix was 2nd best thing in the Matrix Universe. Interested to see how Halo Legends fares…
  • Such a good Tour de France this year. I’m going to have to be sure and get HD + DVR for next year.
  • California Motorcyle adventure is GO! Not long now. Hope I don’t get shotgunned by redneck squares. “Damned hippays!”
  • Democracy:
  • REI loves me at this point. I wish there were a few more decent big outdoor stores around though.
  • Seeya Seattle! Next scheduled online time: 5 days from now. San Francisco, here I come!
  • San Francisco’d
  • M5 Industries. Aka Mythbusters.
  • OMG (from the top of Virginia Falls)
  • Phew. Mile 2540.3. At a loss for words.
  • Ahhh, Glo’s. Back home, all is good.
  • Large American Apparell T’s are now too big for me. Sweet!
  • The Deus Ex Machina at the end of “Big Man Japan” = best ever. So surreal and creepy.
  • I <3 @alexshepard @awskylershepard, @speckabeth so much. Forget how much until they come to town. They mean more 2 me than I let them know.
  • Hey @Gamestopcorp why sell games w/ security strip w/o a way to disable after sale?? I got harassed all day at other stores because of this.
  • Just ran ~3.5 miles straight through, no walking. Averaged an 8.8 minute mile.
  • Goatse?
  • People complain about things that are 95% perfect more than things that are 50% perfect.
  • If it’s crap, one doesn’t care, but if it’s almost perfect, OMG HORRIBLE, FIX YOUR CRAP!
  • As transparent as these are, they still totally work on me:…
  • In other news: they didn’t blow up the moon! Just a big “CHA” scarred in the side.
  • So far: 3 inches
    snow, mountain lion, truck in ditch, walking w/ bride up desolate trail
    in the dark, & getting flirty eyes from bridesmaid?
  • Phew
  • Good fun this weekend at the wedding. Great families. Wish I could have stuck around & heard more sister stories from @HilaryAndrew
  • The more I travel the more I want to travel.
  • If only there were less plane rides involved. Way to make EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of your business painful, frustrating and mind numbing.

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