4 Color Remix

Time for a new project! In the vein of the Covered blog, which artists redo comic covers, I want to put together a whole story based on a classic 40′s pulp sci-fi comic. The idea is that each person who participates would get one random panel to recreate in whatever way they would like (sketch, doodle, photographs, LEGO, paint, etc.), as long as it fits the same size/dimensions as the original. Then I’ll combine them all back together to recreate the story.

You don’t have to be a good artist to participate. It’ll be awesome just to see everyone’s different styles and takes on the panels! I have no idea if it will still be readable, or understandable, but there’s no doubt it will be awesome!

Send me a message on twitter to participate (@agdtinman), and use the #4ColorRemix hashtag.


  • The image above is a sample of what I’d send you to remix in your own style.
  • In order to combine them all back together, you’ll have to stick with the dimensions of the original.
  • Either reincorporate speech bubbles with a similar font size, or leave enough space so I can re-add the text myself (if you don’t want to deal with fonts & bubbles.)
  • There’s no current time constraints, it all depends on how many people are interested.
  • Have fun!

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