#4ColorRemix Panels Sent, More Available!

Links to panels have been sent out to everyone who’s requested one. I picked a short, two page story this time, since we’ve only got a handful of people participating so far. There’s still 6 panels up for grabs, so if you get one done and want to do another just ask!

Send me a message on twitter to participate (@agdtinman), and use the #4ColorRemix hashtag.


  • The image above is a sample of what I’d send you to remix in your own style.
  • In order to combine them all back together, you’ll have to stick with the dimensions of the original.
  • Either reincorporate speech bubbles with a similar font size, or leave enough space so I can re-add the text myself (if you don’t want to deal with fonts & bubbles.)
  • There’s no current time constraints, it all depends on how many people are interested.
  • Have fun!

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