Adventures of Jackson and Jimmy: 07


Panel 1: “I think I’m going to go faint!” “Count me in.”
Panel 2: “What do I have gingivitis? I need to know for school tomorrow.”
Panel 3: “Schooooool!” “Schoooool!”
Panel 4: “Yah! School tomorrow. Don’t tell me you nitwits forgot!”
Panel 5: “Y..ya…yah!”
Panel 6: “aaahhh!!!”
Panel 7: “But seriously, do I have gingivities? You guys, do I? Do I? Do I?”
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Adventures of Jackson and Jimmy: 05


Panel 1: “Mmphphphfrishshsh.” “Aaaahhh!.”
Panel 2: (Its a running leg.)
Panel 3: “Hi Jackson.” “Hi Samantha!” “Mmmmphph” “Jackson get over here.”
Panel 4: “Get over here Jackson!” (Jackson is stunned with a heart over his head, and Jimmy’s pants are falling down as he runs.)
Panel 5: “Aahh”
Panel 6: “Aaahhh” (His pants have fallen off.)
Panel 7: “Hahaha” “Aahh!”

Adventures of Jackson and Jimmy: 03


Panel 1: “Run for it boys!” “mmmmpppfffssssshhhhrrrggg” “Its our one chance to get out of here!”
Panel 2: “mmmmmpppfff those boys!”
Panel 3: “My trouble-making boy instincts…tell me our neighbor sees us!”
Panel 4: “Really? Or is that you seeing him next to us?”
Panel 5: “Hi boys!” “Ahhhh!” “Ready to have a little talk with your mom?” “Never Mister Al!”
Panel 6: “I told you two to never call me that.”
Panel 7: “Sorry Mister Al! Ha Ha Ha Ha.”

Adventures of Jackson and Jimmy: 02


Panel 1: “Previously, at Jackson and Jimmy’s neighbor’s pool.” “Cannonball!”
Panel 2: SPLASH!
Panel 3: “This pool is great, I love doing cannonballs here!” “Dude, You almost hit me, Jackson!”
Panel 4: *toot*
Panel 5: “Ewww! Did you just fart, Jackson???” “Mmmaybe?”
Panel 7: “My pool! Grrr, its those kids Jackson and Jimmy again! Someday I’m going to get those two!”

Adventures of Jackson and Jimmy: 01


Panel 1: “Hi I’m Jackson Alders.” “Hi I’m Jimmy Indigo.”
Panel 2: “And we are best friends, and brothers!”
Panel 3: “We have lots of fun! but sometimes we get into trouble.”
Panel 4: “Well we get into a lot of trouble.”
Panel 5: “But don’t get us wrong, we are good guys and really nice too!”
Panel 6: “So lets have some fun and maybe some trouble”
Panel 7: “Like this one time we went swimming in our neighbors pool.” “Boys!” “Sorry mom.”