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Apparently, when porting Bungie’s in-house tools into a public map editor for the launch of Halo 2 Vista, they forgot to take out some of the in-house joke images that were associated with it.

It has come to our attention that an unfortunate, obscure content error which includes partial nudity was included in our initial production of “Halo 2″ for Windows Vista. As such, we have updated the initial game packaging at retailers with a label, so customers are aware before purchasing the game. Additionally, we’ve developed an online update which can be downloaded from to remove the content.

The error image can be seen here.

Halo 3 Beta Screenshots


I just finished getting these shots together Wednesday, and they were released today for the launch of the Halo 3 beta. The turnaround time is amazing. What’s even more amazing is the shots I worked on a few weeks ago won’t come out for a bit longer. But they’re even better.

Back to Bungie!

I am, once again, headed back to Bungie as a Graphic Design contractor. I start tomorrow. It was quite an odd series of events that led up to my being asked back. First the new was launched, and I thought to myself how much more fun it would be to design graphics for, and I was a bit disappointed I wasn’t going to be creating new backgrounds and pictures for it. The same day I was talking with Shishka about when the current graphic design contractors term would be up. We figured it was soon, so I dropped an email to my S&T rep. The very next day, Sketch IMed me, asking what I was up to, and if I would like to come back. As far as I know the S&T guy hadn’t even read my email yet.
So while none of the events actually effected me being asked, but it was odd.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Where do the many halo diagrams actually come?

Check it out:

Falls ihr euch schon immer einmal gefragt habt, wo die vielen Bilder, Wallpaper und Designs rund um Bungie und verschiedene Halo-Produkte herkommen, dann haben wir hier die Antwort für euch.
Der Vertragsmitarbeiter von Bungie, Andrew G. Davis, hat einen Gro├čteil der euch bekannten Grafiken erstellt, wie ihr beim Surfen auf seiner Homepage schnell neidvoll feststellen werdet. Um es kurz zu machen, listen wir hier einfach mal die Dinge auf, an denen er für Bungie bislang gearbeitet hat:


If you always asked it, where the many pictures, barrier PAPERs and Designs around Bungie and different halo products to come approximately, then we have here the answer for you.
The contract coworker of Bungie, Andrew G. Davis, has a majority you admitted diagrams provided, how will fast enviously determine it with the Surfen on his homepage. In order to make it short, we list here simply times the things, on which he worked for Bungie so far.

Don Wan’s Halo Tattoo

I had done this sketch and drawing for the Don Wan (aka Kari) last year while I was working for Bungie. It’s based on her Spartan colors and icon she used while playing Halo 2. I just spent a little while on it, I figured she’d like it as an online avatar or even just a desktop image.


The sketch was finished up in Illustrator, using shapes to define the Mjolnir armor.

She’s a huge Halo fan, almost making it into the Fragdolls for her video game skills. I guess she wanted a Halo tattoo that nobody else had (she didn’t want the logo or any other famous Halo imagery) so she decided to use my sketch. I hadn’t intended the image to be a tattoo, but apparently she’s pretty happy with it. She has a few more images of it in her flickr stream.
Tattoo by Eric Eye.

Keychain! (Updated)

I’m pretty happy with this one. We’d been working on a spinner keychain with just printed artwork that people had seen before. We were all pretty bored with the imagery, and didn’t really care to just recreate it on a stupid little spinning keychain. Our vendor had brought in samples of these die-cut circular keychains (with a punisher emblem). Nobody here seemed that interested, but I played with it a couple of hours inserting our Chief face icon, messing with it a bit, and ended up with something I thought was pretty cool.
I showed it to my manager and his basically said scrap the spinner, we’re going with this. A few days later we had a sample. It was pretty cool going from my quick concept to having a solid keychain in my hand so fast.
And now it’s on the company store at $6 a pop.
Update: Looks like the people over at and Kotaku are enjoying it.



While I didn’t necessarily do the artwork, I did turn it into a one-color piece and formatted it to fit the cup. And picked the color.