Another Tattoo??


I don’t really know who this is, but they decided to get the Spartan Keychain design I did (which, itself, is based on a Spartan icon used by Bungie). I also don’t know why they didn’t go with the sans-circle version, but to each their own.
Shiska says, “Tinman wins for most Halo art converted to tattoos!” (Which is two now, kinda.) I’m not sure about that, I’d guess that there are more people out there with tattoo’s based on cover artwork, or the Halo logo.

Movement in UT2k4

I did a quick test, and it seemed to work ok. At least his model and texture show up. Now I need to see if I can get my own animation working in the game:

Adventures of Jackson and Jimmy: 05


Panel 1: “Mmphphphfrishshsh.” “Aaaahhh!.”
Panel 2: (Its a running leg.)
Panel 3: “Hi Jackson.” “Hi Samantha!” “Mmmmphph” “Jackson get over here.”
Panel 4: “Get over here Jackson!” (Jackson is stunned with a heart over his head, and Jimmy’s pants are falling down as he runs.)
Panel 5: “Aahh”
Panel 6: “Aaahhh” (His pants have fallen off.)
Panel 7: “Hahaha” “Aahh!”

Adventures of Jackson and Jimmy: 03


Panel 1: “Run for it boys!” “mmmmpppfffssssshhhhrrrggg” “Its our one chance to get out of here!”
Panel 2: “mmmmmpppfff those boys!”
Panel 3: “My trouble-making boy instincts…tell me our neighbor sees us!”
Panel 4: “Really? Or is that you seeing him next to us?”
Panel 5: “Hi boys!” “Ahhhh!” “Ready to have a little talk with your mom?” “Never Mister Al!”
Panel 6: “I told you two to never call me that.”
Panel 7: “Sorry Mister Al! Ha Ha Ha Ha.”

Adventures of Jackson and Jimmy: 02


Panel 1: “Previously, at Jackson and Jimmy’s neighbor’s pool.” “Cannonball!”
Panel 2: SPLASH!
Panel 3: “This pool is great, I love doing cannonballs here!” “Dude, You almost hit me, Jackson!”
Panel 4: *toot*
Panel 5: “Ewww! Did you just fart, Jackson???” “Mmmaybe?”
Panel 7: “My pool! Grrr, its those kids Jackson and Jimmy again! Someday I’m going to get those two!”

Adventures of Jackson and Jimmy: 01


Panel 1: “Hi I’m Jackson Alders.” “Hi I’m Jimmy Indigo.”
Panel 2: “And we are best friends, and brothers!”
Panel 3: “We have lots of fun! but sometimes we get into trouble.”
Panel 4: “Well we get into a lot of trouble.”
Panel 5: “But don’t get us wrong, we are good guys and really nice too!”
Panel 6: “So lets have some fun and maybe some trouble”
Panel 7: “Like this one time we went swimming in our neighbors pool.” “Boys!” “Sorry mom.”

Draw Supergirl!

Dean Trippe has started another one of the “redesign a superhero” memes (he’s keeping a running list of all of them), and I decided to finally do one of my own:
Original Sketch:


Final Colored:

Supergirl if she was from Seattle (with obligatory hoodie). I debated going with the more striking red hoodie (which would match the usual red cape), and blue shirt, but I liked the idea that with the glasses on, and hoodie closed, she’d look like anyone else on Capitol Hill.
I was going to ink it, but then realized I’m quite rusty at digital inking, and I don’t have a good light table set up to ink it by hand easily. Maybe the next one.