Don Wan’s Halo Tattoo

I had done this sketch and drawing for the Don Wan (aka Kari) last year while I was working for Bungie. It’s based on her Spartan colors and icon she used while playing Halo 2. I just spent a little while on it, I figured she’d like it as an online avatar or even just a desktop image.


The sketch was finished up in Illustrator, using shapes to define the Mjolnir armor.

She’s a huge Halo fan, almost making it into the Fragdolls for her video game skills. I guess she wanted a Halo tattoo that nobody else had (she didn’t want the logo or any other famous Halo imagery) so she decided to use my sketch. I hadn’t intended the image to be a tattoo, but apparently she’s pretty happy with it. She has a few more images of it in her flickr stream.
Tattoo by Eric Eye.


Well, if any of us are going to get serious about making some sort of indie game/mod, I figure one of us should make a blog post about it. (There’s something odd about writing a post about making an indie game in the office of one of the biggest game companies.) It would be best to pick something that runs on all of our systems, so we can all actually play what we’re working on. Though recently it dawned on me that playing with the HDR support that will soon be integrated into Half-life 2 would be quite fun. I think the most interesting part would be to take a game and change the gameplay drastically enough that it doesn’t feel like the same game we started with.
I ran across a post on kuro5hin that sets up some good guidlines. Where to go from there though?
What sort of options do we have for mac/pc compatible games (that allow modding)?
The only thing I’m going to insist on is that we include something special for good old Mr. Thompson.

Tough Work

This last Wednesday, like every Wednesday, was the Halo Humpday Challenge. Each week Bungie challenges, or gets challenged to play some other group of players. In past weeks it has been Pioneer Audio, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and soldier’s just back from Iraq. I’ve played in a few and it’s been fun.
We started a tradition, after the second or third week, to have an icon next to the article which signified the Humpday Challenge. There’s a fine tradition in the game where, if you’ve killed someone and want to rub it in their face, you stand over them and hit the crouch button repeatedly. The effect is essentially your player “humping” the corpse of your fallen foe. Very humiliating if it’s happening to you. In the spirit of the Humpday Challenge, I’ve created various gif’s of that act, to accompany the article. These have been met with the displeasure of the Microsoft Overlords, but we persist in publishing them, since it is only really a “victory dance”.
So this last week, we played the guys from Penny Arcade. These guys are the most popular web comic out there, and a huge voice in the gaming industry. Unforunately, not very good at Halo. Frankie recapped the events fairly accurately. I immediately realized this required a new image using their characters, and Frankie had the perfect target: the Penny Arcade character named Fruit Fucker.
In their latest news post they’ve responded to our match-up.

We weren’t going to do a comic strip about the final outcome but then we saw their little animated gif of the master chief body humping the fruit fucker. That sort of insolent behavior could not go unpunished.

Pretty sweet that my art (if not my idea, using the Fruit Fucker was Frankie’s) inspired them to do another comic.

Grunty Goodness

I’ve been asked to do some of the Bungie frontpage news pictures these last couple weeks. They turned out suprisingly well, and I got some good response about them. The first occurances are between 12/3/04 and 12/9/04.
First is a confused grunt for Frankie’s Weekly What’s Update.
Next I did an aged grunt for an article on Geezer Gamers.
And by far everyone’s favorite. The Halo Humpday Challenge. (He’s just bending over to pick up ammo. Promise.)