Tulips 2009

Here’s my set of the photos I took on a little trip up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. There’s a mix of Lomo Fisheye shots, and my Canon SD1000 point’n’shoot.

At work we started a weekly “Photo Challenge”. Our first theme was “Motion”. There were 5 entries, the following photo being mine:
I eked out a 7 to 6 vote victory (after NOT voting for my own) to win the first challenge. I got to pick the subject for next week, which is RED.

Heather’s New Wheels


I took Heather on my first ride on my motorcycle with a passenger. We went down to the Ducati store so she could pick out her scooter, and then rode through Freemont and the Arboretum. Pretty nice day.

I hope I know what I’m doing…


Most of the electronic parts of my bike are in my apartment now. It was like surgery (very messy surgery) and now the spinal chord, lungs, heart, etc. are in a grocery bag in my room, waiting for inspection.

If I can’t find the problem in one of these bits, I think I’m going to have to give up. Pulling the main wire harness was the last thing I wanted to do. Hopefully it will be the last thing I have to do.

Found Homer


Found this on the street this morning. Unfortunately, it did not come with Simpsons movie tickets as part of some guerilla marketing scheme. Probably just some frustrated kid throwing his toy on the sidewalk.


(yes, I cheated)


(click for more photos)

Its a little crusty and dinged up, but its perfect for a first bike. Pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve clocked just about 1 mile on it so far, hopefully I can get out on it early tomorrow morning and get some good driving in, since there’s no traffic on Capitol Hill on a Sunday morning. Right now, afternoon on Saturday it gets a little busy.

Off to get oil and a bolt to keep the seat on the bike. (I promise, it’s safe! I think….)