Stereo Photography


I took Andrea’s Kodak Stereo Camera down to the opening of the Olympic Sculpture Park a couple weekends ago. It took a bit of work to get the negatives scanned, edited and exported from StereoPhoto Maker, but the results are pretty cool. Some of them ended up overexposed, and I definitely underexposed others, taking photos indoors at night, but you can still see how the stereo works.

Each photo I have as both anaglyph, so you can view them in 3D using Red/Blue glasses, and then parallel so you can see the colors a bit better. You can view the whole set here: Stereography.



S.O.A.P. Presents the 3rd Annual Weird Genius Real Science Fair

Andrea was excited to go to the Weird Genius Real Science Fair. She’d been previously and enjoyed it, but this year apparently was quite a dud. The most interesting bit was someone with a heat sensing camera that we played with a bit. They’d set off the “worlds largest” vinegar and baking soda volcano every hour, but even that was a let down.