Twitted Too Hard

Various tweets from the last few weeks months past summer:

  • Seattle Motorcyclists, circa 1914:…
  • I love how every time I want to play a PS3 game, I have to wait 15+ minutes for everything to update.
  • Street Scramble = GTA Pigeon Shooting IRL. Also, Crusade Flags, Crackdown Orbs, etc.
  • 520 points for 3rd place. Not bad. 1st place had 800+ points. Crazy! Map/route/etc to be posted LAterZ!
  • Wow, 10 miles in 3 hours. Stopped for water 3-4 times, ran maybe 1/4 of the total.
  • Route
  • I think I can safely say that this is the only time I’ll be watching the Versus channel. #letour
  • Owww, #LeTour crashes make me cringe.
  • I was happy to hear at least 5 different languages being spoken on my way back from fireworks. THAT is America.
  • MJ to be buried w/o brain: The real reason? LOOK OUT BUBBLES!
  • Holy CRAP that was a nasty dump in #LeTour. He’s going to have massive roadburn all up his right side. I hope he kept his face off the road.
  • Following @warrenellis got me reading Transmetropolitan. I’ve realized it’s just his autobiography from the future. And that I like Ellis.
  • Animatrix was 2nd best thing in the Matrix Universe. Interested to see how Halo Legends fares…
  • Such a good Tour de France this year. I’m going to have to be sure and get HD + DVR for next year.
  • California Motorcyle adventure is GO! Not long now. Hope I don’t get shotgunned by redneck squares. “Damned hippays!”
  • Democracy:
  • REI loves me at this point. I wish there were a few more decent big outdoor stores around though.
  • Seeya Seattle! Next scheduled online time: 5 days from now. San Francisco, here I come!
  • San Francisco’d
  • M5 Industries. Aka Mythbusters.
  • OMG (from the top of Virginia Falls)
  • Phew. Mile 2540.3. At a loss for words.
  • Ahhh, Glo’s. Back home, all is good.
  • Large American Apparell T’s are now too big for me. Sweet!
  • The Deus Ex Machina at the end of “Big Man Japan” = best ever. So surreal and creepy.
  • I <3 @alexshepard @awskylershepard, @speckabeth so much. Forget how much until they come to town. They mean more 2 me than I let them know.
  • Hey @Gamestopcorp why sell games w/ security strip w/o a way to disable after sale?? I got harassed all day at other stores because of this.
  • Just ran ~3.5 miles straight through, no walking. Averaged an 8.8 minute mile.
  • Goatse?
  • People complain about things that are 95% perfect more than things that are 50% perfect.
  • If it’s crap, one doesn’t care, but if it’s almost perfect, OMG HORRIBLE, FIX YOUR CRAP!
  • As transparent as these are, they still totally work on me:…
  • In other news: they didn’t blow up the moon! Just a big “CHA” scarred in the side.
  • So far: 3 inches
    snow, mountain lion, truck in ditch, walking w/ bride up desolate trail
    in the dark, & getting flirty eyes from bridesmaid?
  • Phew
  • Good fun this weekend at the wedding. Great families. Wish I could have stuck around & heard more sister stories from @HilaryAndrew
  • The more I travel the more I want to travel.
  • If only there were less plane rides involved. Way to make EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of your business painful, frustrating and mind numbing.

I’m Too Excited to Tweet!

Various tweets from the last few weeks month:

  • Hmm, the “Straighten” tool in iPhoto isn’t working on on the photos I took at the Seattle Pride Parade (Ba-dum-dum-chhh!)
  • Some people can’t count. 1.1-Carradine 1.2-McMahon 1.3-Fawcett 2.1-Jackson 2.2-Mays 2.3-?
  • At least now the angel’s whites will be whiter. RIP Billy Mays.
  • Do I turn my
    Twitter icon black to show solidarity with Michael Jackson? Or white?
    What color represents NOT siding with child molester?
  • Wolverine Origins game ending is LE-GEN-DAAARRYYY!!! I sure hope there’s a sequel.
  • Peter Moore challenges Obama Get off the videogame demonization kick, eh? It’s about moderation and parents parenting.
  • Iran 2009 = USA 2004. Relected conservative, patriarical, fundamentalist, homophobic, warmonger.
  • I guess I accidentally a whole meme.
  • Remember the DHS warning about right-wing extremists that the right-wing went bonkers over? Shockingly, its coming true.
  • I’m a Photoshop Pirate, treasure troves of bountiful booty are stored deep in my hidden folders! CTRL-AARRRRR!
  • Kids these days throw the word “confirmed” like it’s the new “unsubstantiated rumor”.
  • I can’t wait for our otherwise awesome fans to stop using the word “gay” in place of “bad”.


Various tweets from the last few weeks:

  • It’s so awesome to go to a random movie, knowing nothing about it but the title, and come out loving it.
  • I’m looking forward to the reaction to the ODST booth. Don’t you wish you had your own squad now?
  • Oh, KEXP. Why is
    it every time I try to listen to you again, you’re back to pledging?
    Maybe I’d listen & donate if I actually heard music.
  • So awesome: Critical Mass in Seattle takes it to the highway
  • Splinter cell immersive narrative looks AWESOME.
  • The Beatles Rock Band opening sequence is gorgeous. No wonder, it’s by Gorillaz animator Pete Candeland.
  • I can’t wait for our otherwise awesome fans to stop using the word “gay” in place of “bad”.
  • I’m a Photoshop Pirate, treasure troves of bountiful booty are stored deep in my hidden folders! CTRL-AARRRRR!
  • I saw the Mario photoshop earlier this week, but holy crap this is genius!! Conan is king!


Various tweets from the last week:

  • Ooh
  • Appropriate, or scary?: “What if the glass gives?” “Death” “Cool”
  • Bedtime viewing: Why having Wolverine’s Claws would suck -
  • Bedtime viewing: Old Jews Telling Jokes – All the jokes there are priceless. I need to start memorizing them now.
  • Aw, play them off, Keyboard Cat  I will miss looking forward to playing me some Duke. Duke 3D is why I’m where I am today
  • Grrr… Why can’t I get into shows I want to see? Oh yeah, cause I go an hour after doors open without tix.

Some Recent Twits

Various twits from the last week:

  • Wow, Wolverine game is actually decent! Gory as hell, just like Wolvey should be! The movie will be a let down after this.
  • What comic would be a good present for a 12 year old girl? O’Malley’s Lost at Sea is close, save for the swearing and sex (a present no-no).
  • Mythbusters LEGO results:  So pretty.
  • Playing with fonts for a new Northwest Double Dutch logo. BEGON psuedo-Jesus Fish!
  • We’re all gonna die!
  • Just finished Halo:Uprising. Phew, now I know how it ends. Glad they got to finish it, despite everything…
  • Today’s haul: lots of Wolverine, Watchmensch, Halo:Uprising, Kick-Ass, Daredevil:Noir, Destroyer, The Amazon.
  • My new crush: More here: