Garage w/ Go! Team


Sunday Heather and I went to play pool at the Garage with a friend of hers. At the table next to us was a crew, taking a lot of pictures of themselves playing pool (not too well), and having fun.

The next day we went to see the Go! Team at Neumos, and as soon as they walk on stage, Heather and I turn to each other and say “We were TOTALLY just playing pool next to them!”

The concert was amazing, as usual.

Heather Teaching Pool at Garage

First Photo!


Whatcha got here is the first photo I took with my new Canon SD 1000. The macro mode is much better than my old Kodak DX4900. The camera itself is 1/4 the size as well, with the LCD screen being twice as big. I’m pretty happy with it so far.

CB550 3D Instruments


I went on a bit of a ride today, up to Lynnwood and back, looking to see what options there were for saddle bags. I couldn’t decide, so I didn’t get anything yet, but it was a good long ride, and the first time I’d been on I-5. This was probably the most intense traffic I’ve been in, 65 mph and cars all around. I’m getting more used to it, though I need to figure out how to loosen my death grip on the throttle. I think I’m trying too hard to keep my speed constant.

There’s nothing quite like being on the I-5 bridge, coming into Seattle and seeing Lake Union, Queen Anne hill and downtown, high up on the bridge with only a thick leather jacket and Kevlar helmet between you and everything else.

agdtinman's Weekly Recap – 2/26/2007

Ok, here it is… your weekly recap of gaming: If agdtinman plays 5 days every week, I will be one happy Xbox. It was productive… Gamerscore went up 375 points so I am happy. Yay for 15 achievements! w00t! Oh, and from what I remember, agdtinman's favorite game last week was Viva PiƱata. He played it on 4 of the days.

And that is the news for now… Check back next week… same bat time, same bat channel…