Snuff, by Chuck Palahniuk

This was pretty disappointing. This was either his most disgusting book, or it didn’t have anything else to support the story than how gross it all was. It was told from the viewpoints of a handful of guys just waiting around and a “talent wrangler”. I’m not sure I want to get into the story too much, since it’s pretty easy to spoil Palahniuk’s books, but for the most part it was about a mother/child reunion.
He’s also usually good at the big story twists, but each of the twists here he telegraphed a chapter before the reveals. Strangely enough I didn’t feel it was graphic, but the dudes were disgusting. He did an excellent job painting a picture of them…sweaty and covered in junk food… ugh, I’m going to read some nice clean sci-fi now.
Rereading this post, I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I definitely don’t care to clarify it.


Various tweets from the last few weeks:

  • It’s so awesome to go to a random movie, knowing nothing about it but the title, and come out loving it.
  • I’m looking forward to the reaction to the ODST booth. Don’t you wish you had your own squad now?
  • Oh, KEXP. Why is
    it every time I try to listen to you again, you’re back to pledging?
    Maybe I’d listen & donate if I actually heard music.
  • So awesome: Critical Mass in Seattle takes it to the highway
  • Splinter cell immersive narrative looks AWESOME.
  • The Beatles Rock Band opening sequence is gorgeous. No wonder, it’s by Gorillaz animator Pete Candeland.
  • I can’t wait for our otherwise awesome fans to stop using the word “gay” in place of “bad”.
  • I’m a Photoshop Pirate, treasure troves of bountiful booty are stored deep in my hidden folders! CTRL-AARRRRR!
  • I saw the Mario photoshop earlier this week, but holy crap this is genius!! Conan is king!


Here’s some things I’ve spent some time working on. First up, a lobby screen:


Loading screen:


VISR database:


Eating, and Understanding Our Food

I’ve always loved this segment on This American Life, about knowing and understanding where our food comes from.

This text will be replaced

Told by Jonathan Gold, Episode 343: Poultry Slam 07

Tulips 2009

Here’s my set of the photos I took on a little trip up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. There’s a mix of Lomo Fisheye shots, and my Canon SD1000 point’n’shoot.

At work we started a weekly “Photo Challenge”. Our first theme was “Motion”. There were 5 entries, the following photo being mine:
I eked out a 7 to 6 vote victory (after NOT voting for my own) to win the first challenge. I got to pick the subject for next week, which is RED.

Handy Me

Maybe I should get my own place to fix up, instead of “fixing” things in my rented apartment.
I finally got around to fixing the door from my living room to bedroom. It kept swinging shut on it’s own, so I would have to prop it open with a shoe. Plus, when swung hard, it would hit the wall/door to my bathroom. After a trip to Lowes I though I had the door stop to fix it, but since the space between the door and the wall was too long, I had to scrap those plans. A trip to Home Depot found me a magnetic door stop that I rigged to work just right





Maybe not exactly how the door stop was supposed to be used, but it has just enough strength this way to keep the door open, and unless it’s really shoved, the door won’t hit the wall.
I also picked up some suet for my birdfeeder. Am I offically old yet?


Various tweets from the last week:

  • Ooh
  • Appropriate, or scary?: “What if the glass gives?” “Death” “Cool”
  • Bedtime viewing: Why having Wolverine’s Claws would suck -
  • Bedtime viewing: Old Jews Telling Jokes – All the jokes there are priceless. I need to start memorizing them now.
  • Aw, play them off, Keyboard Cat  I will miss looking forward to playing me some Duke. Duke 3D is why I’m where I am today
  • Grrr… Why can’t I get into shows I want to see? Oh yeah, cause I go an hour after doors open without tix.

Some Recent Twits

Various twits from the last week:

  • Wow, Wolverine game is actually decent! Gory as hell, just like Wolvey should be! The movie will be a let down after this.
  • What comic would be a good present for a 12 year old girl? O’Malley’s Lost at Sea is close, save for the swearing and sex (a present no-no).
  • Mythbusters LEGO results:  So pretty.
  • Playing with fonts for a new Northwest Double Dutch logo. BEGON psuedo-Jesus Fish!
  • We’re all gonna die!
  • Just finished Halo:Uprising. Phew, now I know how it ends. Glad they got to finish it, despite everything…
  • Today’s haul: lots of Wolverine, Watchmensch, Halo:Uprising, Kick-Ass, Daredevil:Noir, Destroyer, The Amazon.
  • My new crush: More here: